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Real Electric Cigarette Reviews | February 8, 2016

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MadVapes Mini eGo Smart Kit Review


Review Overview

Look / Feel
Vapor Production

Above Average

This little e-cig is great for what it is. It's small, cheap, and it gets the job done. It makes a perfect carry around e-cig. There's not too much special about it, it's your average eGo style battery, except a lot smaller. I would recommend it to anyone needing a good portable e-cig to carry around with them.

If you’ve read my latest Blog Post, you’ll know that I just recently laid my eGo Twist to rest. As such, I was in the market for a new PV to replace it. I had all intentions of buying a Spinner, but was sidetracked when I started searching around.

In short, I ended up buying a VAMO V3 from FastTech. If you’ve ever heard of them, you know they’re a China based company. Being that they’re in China, shipping takes quite a long time. I was still in need of a small e-cig to carry around with me when I’m out, so I kept shopping.

Eventually, I found myself on MadVapes’ site. After some searching I ended up on the MadVapes Mini eGo Smart Kit page. It was perfect for what I needed. The Mini eGo is small, compact, and best of all, it was a complete kit for under $20!

MadVapes Mini eGo Smart Kit

Look / Feel

As I said, the Mini eGo is a compact electronic cigarette. It fits almost perfectly in the palm of your hand and weighs next to nothing. If you’re not careful, you might lose it and never even know it. There’s nothing overly special about the Mini eGo. If you’ve ever seen an eGo battery, you know what it looks like.

Vapor Production

The kit I purchased cam with 2 MadVapes 510 Cartomizers. I was actually quite surprised by how well the cartos performed. The vapor production is right on par with any other eGo style PV I’ve used before. You’re not going to get massive clouds of vapor like you would with a VV/VW device, but the Mini eGo does it’s job. If you’ve never tried any other e-cig before then I think you’ll be pretty pleased with this one.


Now on to my favorite subject, price. This kit is dirt cheap. $18.99 gets you a complete setup that’s ready for vaping (sans the e-liquid).Granted, it does only come with one battery, where as most kits come with 2, but for the price, you really can’t beat it. I ordered my kit from MadVapes on a Thursday and it was in my mailbox that Saturday.

Below is a picture that shows the MadVapes Mini eGo sitting next to a 1000 mAh eGo Battery. That should give you a good idea of exactly how tiny this battery is.

Mini eGo Size Comparison


  1. Gopal

    Just bought one of these kits from madvapes as my first e-cig.

    How many good puffs can you get out of a single charge on the battery? I really only need the equivalent of 1 or 2 analogs in an evening, I think.

    Guess I’ll find out in a few days…

  2. vestus

    I’ve never really counted the puffs, but if all you’re needing is enough for 1 or 2 analogs in an evening, it should be more than enough. I carry mine with me when I’m at work and it lasts me through the day if I don’t go overboard.

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